Heat Cabins

Why choose a heat cabin?

Heat cabins house the whole biomass heating system, including fuel store. This makes them an ideal solution for commercial sites because generally, they do not need planning permission. They offer the opportunity of delivering a biomass heating solution tailored specifically to the sites needs rather than being restricted by internal space requirements.

Heat cabins offer the advantage of easy fuel delivery via hose directly to the fuel store and automated ash emptying. Everything is fully automated, from the fuel supply to cleaning and we will show you how to make the most of the system benefits and maximize efficiency.

Our Service
Our cabins are made to order and designed to fit the size of boiler, fuel feed and fuel store that meets your needs. A range of finishes are available to choose from in order sympathize with the existing property. Installation of a heat cabin is quicker and easier than an internal system and as with all our boiler installations we offer a full maintenance package. This includes internet monitoring of the boiler, so we know of a fault before you do, operational servicing and an all inclusive parts and labour contract.

Take a look at our case studies for examples on how heat cabins have benefitted our clients.