Heat Pumps & Solar Thermal Energy

Heat pumps source heat from the ground, air or water and use it to heat hot water systems in the property.

We specialize in ground source systems which work well with underfloor heating systems or high efficiency radiators. Two types of heat collection methods are available; a vertical borehole, local geology permitting, can be drilled between 40 – 150m or a looped array of pipework can be laid in relatively shallow trenches across a wider area.

Solar thermal panels absorb the sun’s energy to heat water. In the summer, this can supply up to 100% of a home’s hot water and just over half annually. The number of panels needed depends on the size of the property and the number of bathrooms. It is compatible with many existing heating systems and can be a good compliment to a biomass boiler or ground source heat pump to reduce heating costs and cut carbon emissions even further.

Take a look at our case studies for examples of how these types of systems
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