Biomass Heating

What is biomass?

Biomass heating is a proven and reliable renewable heating system that is already used to heat homes, schools, hotels and offices across the Europe. The Government has identified that it has the greatest potential of all renewable heating solutions to deliver significant and cost-effective carbon savings.

Biomass fuel usually takes the form of wood pellets, wood chips and logs and comes from sustainable, managed sources that are delivered direct to you. It is deemed a carbon neutral fuel because the same amount of CO2 is released during burning that is absorbed during its growth.

There are a number of competitively priced suppliers to choose from so you can be assured of a stable and secure fuel supply that has an important role to play in protecting our climate.

Easy to use
Biomass boilers have a highly efficient control system. They are fully automated, easy to use and can be more technically advanced than current conventional boilers. Thermostats and timers optimize heat production with the precision needed to meet varying demands at a touch of a button. Automated fuel feeds mean convenience and reliability. The volume of ash produced is extremely low and fully automated ash removal systems result in long periods between maintenance.

Our serviceĀ 
We provide a full design and installation service and can also offer a full maintenance package. We can enable you to access the RHI scheme and will advise you on how to run your new system in order to maximize the benefits.

Take a look at our case studies for examples of how biomass installations have benefitted our clients.