About us

Theheatingcompany ltd is a specialist in the technical design and installation of renewable and carbon-neutral heating systems. With extensive experience, we deliver biomass, heat pump and solar thermal installations to large domestic and commercial properties.

We follow a structured, quality assured approach to a potential system installation. We always start with an assessment of a sites suitability, giving an appraisal of capital and operating costs and also potential non-financial benefits. After-care is important to us, we want to make sure a client is comfortable operating their new system and fully understand how to ensure it runs optimally.

Our aim is to provide renewable heating solutions that are highly efficient, reliable and cost effective. We help our customers to reduce heating costs and meet their carbon reduction and energy efficiency targets.

A major commercial consideration is that there are likely to be more initiatives introduced like the Carbon Reduction Commitment and Climate Change Levy. Biomass is seen as zero carbon rated and therefore an important contributor to reducing a company’s carbon footprint. We believe that for commercial and industrial applications biomass has the greatest potential to deliver significant carbon savings and we intend to help companies and organisations achieve this.

As part of our commitment to quality service we are MCS approved and a REAL Assurance Scheme member. We only install carbon neutral heating or biomass heating system appliances from leading manufacturers including Worcester Bosch, Windhager, HDG and Froling. Biomass boilers used in UK installations are by in large imported from abroad, mainly from Scandinavia, Austria and Germany. We have taken time to engage with potential suppliers to ensure we have access to the best products the industry has to offer.

If you would like a free, impartial assessment, contact us.